House Showings that Take Advantage of Terre Haute Weather 5 Tips Maximize Summertime Terre Haute House Showings Making the Most of Terre Haute House Showings in Summer

When the Terre Haute weather turns sizzling, you might think that house showings might go better by holding off for milder weather. After all, as the mercury rises, energy levels tend to wilt, so prospective buyers willing to take on a big initiative—like lining up a new house—might seem to be in short supply. You might think that—but the evidence actually points in the opposite direction. Read more

Homes for Sale in Terre Haute—What Triggers Buyers? Triggers that Send Buyers after Homes for Sale in Terre Haute Events that Trigger Buyers for Homes for Sale in Terre Haute

What are the most common changes in circumstances that send buyers out looking for homes for sale? What are the events that trigger typical prospects to comb through the Terre Haute listings, contact Terre Haute Realtors®, set out on house tours—and ultimately make the offer that results in the move to a new home? Read more

Selling Your Terre Haute House by Defeating Two Scoundrels Inertia & Clutter (and Selling Your Terre Haute House) Selling Your Terre Haute House Has Two Formidable Opponents

Selling your Terre Haute house is a lot easier when you have an experienced professional relieving you of the lion’s share of the work. I spend full time dealing with the ins and outs of marketing, dealing with qualified prospective buyers, and making sure the Indiana and Terre Haute technical requirements are met to the letter. That means that the lion’s share of what you need to deal with are the finishing touches of showings and open house presentations.

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Terre Haute Mortgage Strategy Includes Student Loan Burden Terre Haute Mortgages & the Student Loan Phenomenon Student Loans: Less of a Mortgage Obstacle than Thought

All of a sudden last month Terre Haute readers might have come across a number of new articles dealing with the same topic: the problem young first time home buyers are encountering due to outstanding student loans. The target group is the millennials—everyone born between the early 1980s and 2000s. If you are one of them, you are frequently reminded that there are millions and millions of you out there. And millions who also share the same student loan problem.

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Terre Haute Independence Day: Best on Tuesday…or Sunday? Terre Haute Fourth of July Celebrations: Two Days Late? Terre Haute Patriots Celebrate Telling the King, “You’re Fired!”

This year we’re fortunate indeed: the calendar has cooperated with the spirit of the occasion to give Independence Day its proper import. With Terre Haute’s Fourth of July festivities falling on a Tuesday, we avoid the vexing problem that crops up every time July 4 falls on a weekend. Since nobody wants the extra day of picnicking and parading to be confused with the ho-hum regular weekend days off, the powers that be have to arbitrarily reassign July 4 observances to the following Monday (or previous Friday, if the Fourth hits on a Saturday). Read more